Donatoni Costruzioni Meccaniche

Automatic Cross Cutting Machine

DONATONI APL cross cutter develops from the APN series to meet the increasing demand for more efficient use of materials.

Cross Cutting Machine

The main feature of the DONATONI cross cutting machine type DM1X is its flexibility in being able to cut both marble and granite, allowing the operator to vary the diameter of the blade autonomously (400 for marble and 350 for granite)

Double Cross-Cutting Machine

The DONATONI cross cutting machine type DM2 combines the possibility of cutting with two units with the precision of positioning of the moving spindle, employing advanced technologies when cutting strips of marble and granite. It finds its application in consecutive cutting off different sizes and it is ideal for recovering scrap material.

Heavy Multi-blade trimming machine

FL linear trimming machines are part of the wide range of trimming machines designed and built by DONATONI for single-pass lengthwise cutting of strips and tiles with the manual positioning system.

They are designed to trim exceptionally hard materials – porphyry, slate – and have also found many applications in the marble and granite sector.

Splitting Machine

The DONATONI SC2 splitting machine is designed to split marble and granite workpieces with MAX 150 mm widths. It makes high precision cuts of specific products (such as skirtings, inserts, samples, etc.).

Horizontal Splitting Machine

The DONATONI SC3 splitting machine cuts marble strips and tiles horizontally into two parts.

Machine for Cladding

The main feature of SKFR-05 MACHINE FOR CLADDING is the extreme flexibility in the processing that allows to obtain holes and kerfs, depending on the configuration required by the customer.

All types of cladding with a single machine.

Kerfs, slot cuts and drilling.